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Remote Control Mowers/

Remote Control Slope Mower

Model :QKZ1000

Cutting Width :1000 mm

Cutting Height :30-170 mm

Travel Speed :0-5 km/h

Engine Brand :Loncin 

Engine Model :LC2P80F Two Cylinder

Engine Power :17 kw / 23 hp

Engine Displacement :764 cc

Fuel Consumption :4.0-6.0L/hour

Other Optional Engine :Briggs & Stratton PXI2700 27hp 810cc

Voltage :48V

Electric Motor :1200 watt Brushless Motor * 2pcs

Reducer :Hyperboloid Worm Gear Reducer

Alternator :3000 watt

Battery :Lead-acid battery 12V20Ah x 4

Size :Length 1580 mm, Width 1400 mm, Height 700 mm

Weight :380 kg 

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Remote Control Slope Mower For Sale

Remote control slope mower is a tracked remote controlled grass cutting machine with 1000mm cutting width. It can work on steep slopes easily. This remote control lawn mower is suitable for mowing grass on difficult terrain, especially hills and steep slopes. This is the dangerous terrain that people is easy to fall off. Also, riding lawn mowers and hand-push mowers can not work on such terrain. People only can use remote control grass mower to cut grass on such area. It can make people keep away from mosquitoes, pollen, dust, machine vibration and exhaust. It can also avoid unknown risks that come from the grass, such as snakes and poisonous spiders.

Why Choose Us

The quality of remote control lawn mowers from European and American countries is very good. But it is also very expensive, and most families can not afford it. Chinese remote control lawn mowers are relatively cheap, but worry about the quality. You are right, most remote control lawn mowers from China are of very poor quality and are easily damaged, especially the electric travel motor, circuit board and wires. But we are different, our chief engineer Mr Xu Guangbiao graduated from Tsinghua University, a well-known university in China. He has been working in this field for 20 years. We design the circuit boards ourselves, something no other remote control mower manufacturer can do. So because of cheap price and durable quality, more and more dealers and users to choose us.

Remote Control Slope Mower
Hybrid Power Remote Control Slope Mower

For this remote control lawn mower, it is a hybrid power mower. Petrol engine provides power to cutting blade and alternator. Alternator charges lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries provide power to electric walking motors. Walking motors drive the mower to walk. As you see, we use 24 walking wheels. This makes the mower more better on steep slopes.

Visual Remote Control

In order to meet customer needs, we can install a camera on the machine and use a visual remote control. This remote control can remotely control the lawn mower within 2 kilometers. In other words, people can sit at home and mow the grass in the yard.

If you would like to buy our remote control slope mower, please send inquiry directly. If you want to be our dealer in your country, please contact us.

Detailed Engine Information

If you would like to know more engine information, please contact us or check official Loncin website. https://www.loncinindustries.com/en/engine/ProductDetail.aspx?catid=8-16-60-2144280755-2146815523#proFlag

If you want to choose other brand engine, such as Briggs & Stratton, please contact us.

1. Are you manufacturer?

We are the direct manufacturer and specialize in small remote control gardens, agriculture and forest machinery.

2. What are your advantages?

We have a team of experienced mechanical engineers and designers in the field of remote control machinery and automatic robot.

3. Can your products be exported to America, Europe, Australia and Japan?

Yes, We are familiar with the customs clearance process of each country and have corresponding certificates.

4. Can you accept OEM order?

 Yes, Not only OEM order but also any customize remote control machinery. We are good at designing and manufacturing small remote control machinery. Please tell me your requirements.

Packing: Plywood box 


Sample order within 10 days.

10-20 units around 20-30 days.

20-60 units around 30-60 days.

Custom order around 30-60 days.


You are very welcome to be our dealer.

As long as you have experience in machinery sales and maintenance in the field of garden and agricultural machinery, you can become our dealer.

Please send an email to export@remote-mowers.com. Let us know your region and country.

What can we do for dealers?
1. We provide dealer information to individual buyers. For example, if an Italian individual buyer inquires about products from us, we will send Italian dealer information to the individual buyer so that the individual buyer can directly consult and buy from Italian dealer.
2. We can laser cut your LOGO on the machine.
3. Dealers can customize the colors of the machine.
4. We can customize exclusive appearance for dealers.
5. No minimum order quantity.



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    Kako dolgo se čaka na kosilnico?

  2. Prosim za ceno za kosilnico QKZ 1000.Sem iz Slovenije in koliko časa se čaka na dostavo.

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