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Remote Control Electric Lawnmower

Model :QKZ400

Cutting Width : 400 mm

Cutting Height :40 mm

Travel Speed :0-5 km/h

Electric Blade Motor :500 watt

Electric Travel Motor :250 watt x 4

Driving Mode :Four wheel drive

Battery Type :24V lead-acid battery 

Battery Capacity :40Ah

Work time :2-3 hours

Size :Length 640 mm, Width 720 mm, Height 370 mm

Weight :80 kg 

Remote Distance :300 m

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Remote Control Electric Lawnmower For Sale

Remote control electric lawnmower is a full battery powered remote control lawn mower with wheels. It works quietly because there is no engine noise. If your neighbors are close to you, I think you need this electric lawn mower. It can help you finish mowing faster and easier in a quiet environment. This way you won’t disturb your family and neighbors.

RC Electric Lawnmower
A Fantastic Video about Remote Control Electric Lawnmower

I would like to give you a better understanding of this remote control electric lawnmower through a video. Here’s an interesting video. A UK customer recorded this fantastic video and sent us. The UK customer is very satisfied with this“big toy”that brings him a lot of fun. As you can see in the video, this electric lawn mower can pull a small trailer and adults along. Despite its small size, it is powerful.

Blade of RC Electric Lawnmower
Blade of RC Electric Lawnmower
Durable Quality

Don’t worry about the quality of remote control Lawn Mower. As a brand and professional manufacturer, we use good parts and circuits to prolong the machine life.  We also do a lot of testing and improvement on every new product. So we guarantee our products are durable. We will also provide the best after-sales service for every customer and dealer.

Remote Control
Looking for Dealers

In 2023, we begin to enter the international market. We are looking for dealers in the following countries – USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Australia, France, Italy, Spain etc. If you are in the field of gardens and agricultural machinery, hope we can do business together. As we show, we are a very powerful and professional small remote control machinery manufacturer. If you cooperate with us, I believe you will definitely make more profits.

Please send product inquiry or send an email directly to export@remote-mowers.com.

If you want to learn other remote control lawn mowers, please check out product list.

1. Are you manufacturer?

We are the direct manufacturer and specialize in small remote control gardens, agriculture and forest machinery.

2. What are your advantages?

We have a team of experienced mechanical engineers and designers in the field of remote control machinery and automatic robot.

3. Can your products be exported to America, Europe, Australia and Japan?

Yes, We are familiar with the customs clearance process of each country and have corresponding certificates.

4. Can you accept OEM order?

 Yes, Not only OEM order but also any customize remote control machinery. We are good at designing and manufacturing small remote control machinery. Please tell me your requirements.

Packing: Plywood box 


Sample order within 10 days.

10-20 units around 20-30 days.

20-60 units around 30-60 days.

Custom order around 30-60 days.


You are very welcome to be our dealer.

As long as you have experience in machinery sales and maintenance in the field of garden and agricultural machinery, you can become our dealer.

Please send an email to export@remote-mowers.com. Let us know your region and country.


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