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Remote Control Flail Mower

Model :QKZ900

Blade Type :Flail Blades (48 pieces blades)

Cutting Width :800 mm

Cutting Height :0-130 mm

Travel Speed :0-5 km/h

Engine Brand :Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD

Engine Power :17.2 kw / 23 hp

Engine Displacement :627 cc

Fuel Consumption :4.0-6.0L/hour

Electric Motor :1200 watt Brushless Motor x 2

Reducer :Hyperboloid Worm Reducer

Alternator :3000 watt

Battery :12V20Ah * 4

Voltage :48V

Size :Length 1400 mm, Width 1410 mm, Height 790 mm

Weight :400 kg 

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Remote Control Flail Mower For Sale

Remote control flail mower is a tracked slope lawnmower. It can shreds anything it can push over – weeds, reeds, brush, saplings. Building yards, gardening and landscaping companies as well as green care service providers need such flail mower to finish challenging mowing task on steep slopes. Keep your mowing crew out of thorny brush and away from ticks, mites, and spiders.

Remote Controlled Flail Mower

Maybe you are worried that Chinese remote control lawn mowers are not durable. you are right. In China, I only trust our remote control lawn mowers. Remote controlled lawn mowers from other Chinese manufacturers are really terrible. Their lawnmower might only work for an hour and then break – walking motor is burned out, circuit board is burned out, wires is burned out…… I have even seen some videos of their lawnmowers catching fire while at work.

Why Choose Us?

You don’t need to worry at all with our remote control lawn mowers. For example, for this remote control flail mower, we have many advantages that other Chinese manufacturers do not have. 

First, we use two 1500 watt brushless servo walking motors and hyperboloid worm gear reducer. You can safely clear grass for a long time without worrying about walking motor burning out due to overheating. Even if you work continuously for 4 hours, the walking motor will not overheat and there is no need to worry about walking motor burning out.

Second, Circuit boards are also our core components. Other remote control mower manufacturers do not have the ability to design own circuit boards. We design own circuit boards to suitable for our remote control flail mowers, this is exclusive. Our circuit boards can not only adapt to complex working environments and withstand large currents. It also has self-protection capabilities. So we rarely have problems with our circuit boards.

Third, we use 16 sets of cutter, each with 3 blades. These blades are carefully designed by us, they have been tested for a long time and can crush any plants. Even if it accidentally hits a rock, there’s a good chance it won’t deform.

Fourth, for this remote control flail mower, we use Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD 23hp two cylinder gasoline engine. Powerful power provides the possibility to crush everything. If you want to learn more about this engine, please click Briggs & Stratton official website.

Looking For Dealer

If you are in the field of agricultural and garden power machinery, welcome to become our dealer. For this flail lawn mower, in order to safeguard the interests of dealers, we plan to look for only one dealer in each country or region. Finally, I want to say that if you want to buy durable and cheap remote control flail mower, please choose us. More remote control lawn mowers, please click here.

For this flail lawn mower, in order to safeguard the interests of dealers, we plan to look for only one dealer in each country or region.

If you are in the field of agricultural and garden power machinery, welcome to become our dealer. 

Please send an email to export@remote-mowers.com. Let us know your region and country.

What can we do for dealers?
1. We provide dealer information to individual buyers. For example, if an Italian individual buyer inquires about products from us, we will send Italian dealer information to the individual buyer so that the individual buyer can directly consult and buy from Italian dealer.
2. We can laser cut your LOGO on the machine.
3. Dealers can customize the colors of the machine.
4. We can customize exclusive appearance for dealers.
5. No minimum order quantity.

1. Are you manufacturer?

We are the direct manufacturer and specialize in small remote control gardens, agriculture and forest machinery, especially remote control lawn mowers.

2. What are your advantages?

We have a team of experienced mechanical engineers and designers in the field of remote control machinery and automatic robot.

3. Can your products be exported to America, Europe, Australia and Japan?

Yes, We are familiar with the customs clearance process of each country and have corresponding certificates.

4. Can you accept OEM order?

 Yes, Not only OEM order but also any customize remote control machinery. We are good at designing and manufacturing small remote control machinery. Please tell me your requirements.

Packing: Plywood Case 


Sample order within 10 days.

10-20 units around 20-30 days.

20-60 units around 30-60 days.

Custom order around 30-60 days.



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