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Remote Control Lawn Mower Snow Blower Manufacturer

About Us – Shandong Qingkong Remote Control Machinery Co Ltd (also called Shandong Qingke Intelligent Technology Co Ltd) is located in Shan County, Heze City, Shandong, China. It is a professional remote control machinery manufacturer. CEO Mr Xu graduated from Tsinghua University. He is an excellent mechanical engineer and designer with 20 years of experience. We specialize in designing and manufacturing small remote control gardens, agriculture and forestry machinery. These products include remote control lawn mower, remote controlled sprayer for agriculture, robot snow blower, remote control tractor and more. Especially remote controlled lawn mowers are our main products. We are constantly adding the types and models of remote lawn mowers.

Because of good quality and service, more and more dealers all over the world like to sell our products. These dealers are all over Japan, United States, Europe, Australia and other countries. If you also want to be our dealer, please contact us. Our product manager will help you solve any problems.

Besides, we have the ability to design and manufacture any small remote controlled machinery. So, if you do not find the remote control machinery you want in our product list, please contact us. Please tell us what features you would like your remote control machinery to have. Maybe we can design and manufacture it specially for you. 

Shandong Qingkong Remote Control Machinery Co Ltd
Shandong Qingkong Remote Control Machinery Co Ltd

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Remote Control Lawn Mower Manufacturer
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Why Choose Us

First of all, I would like to talk about the current status of small remote control garden and agricultural machinery in China. In China, the development history of this kind of remote control machinery is not long. And there are few manufacturers of such remote control machinery. Most of them are small workshops. These small workshops do not have professional engineers and designers. They also don’t have a professional eye in the choice of accessories. So the remote control machinery they make have many flaws and are not durable.

We are different from other Chinese remote control garden and farm machinery manufacturers. 

1. We have a team of experienced mechanical engineers and designers. Especially CEO and chief engineer Mr Xu. He has been working in the field of sprayer drones and remote controlled machinery since graduating from university. With 20 years working experience in this field, he and his team can design and manufacture any small remote control machinery.
2. We have received great support from government. Government built office building, product showroom and 30,000 square meters of production workshops for us. With the support of the government, we also have received many orders from the government and state-owned enterprises.
3. The remote control machinery we manufacture are rigorously tested and we guarantee the durability of our products.
4. We can customize remote control lawn mower, remote controlled sprayer for agriculture, robot snow blower and more. We can design drawings for you to confirm.

About Us – Professional Remote Control Lawn Mower, Remote Controlled Sprayer for Agriculture and Robot Snow Blower Manufacturer

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CEO and Cheif Engineer Xu Guangbiao
CEO and Chief Engineer Xu Guangbiao

Engineer Xu

As CEO and chief engineer, I have 20 years of work experience. I am good at the design of remote control machinery and drones.

Engineer Yang

We have a professional team of engineers who can design and manufacture all kinds of high-quality remote control machinery.

Engineer Shan

We always do a lot of testing on our remote control machinery to ensure durability. We never sell low quality products.

Engineer Pan

We strictly test raw materials and spare parts to avoid hidden dangers and ensure product durability. Please trust our remote control machinery.

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