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Remote Control Mower in Japan

Remote Control Lawn Mower in Japan is a common agricultural machine to improve work efficiency. For dealers and users, it is very important to choose a reliable remote control lawn mower manufacturer.

Welcome customers from Japan to visit our factory. We took Japanese customers to visit our workshop, showroom and office building. We also took customers to test remote controlled lawn mowers. Japanese customers are very interested in our products.

You can watch the test video on YouTube. https://youtu.be/uV26ucZdPI4

You can also see more videos from our YouTube channel. If you watch these videos, you will realize that our remote control lawn mowers are of high quality. Please believe me, our quality is the best among the same type of remote controlled lawn mowers in China.

Japanese View

Many Japanese have this experience. The Chinese machines they buy are of poor quality and not durable. In China, the vast majority of remote control lawn mowers also have this problem. Electrical circuits burn out, motor burns out, track falls off, etc. These are all problems that happen on other Chinese remote lawn mowers. Through our testing and user feedback, our remote control lawn mower will not have such problems. This is thanks to our professional engineer team.

My work Experience

As a salesperson, I’ve worked with other RC lawn mower factory myself. The reason I left that company was the poor quality of the remote lawn mower and I had a lot of after sales. It bothers me a lot. So I enter the current company – Shandong Qingkong Remote Control Machinery Co Ltd. I am very fortunate to have joined this company. I am very happy working in this company. And I no longer have to worry about encountering so many after-sales services.

Finally, I want to say – please trust me, please trust my company. Please trust our remote control mower in Japan.

作業効率を向上させるため、日本ではリモコン草刈機が一般的な農業機械です。 ディーラーやユーザーにとって、信頼できるリモコン草刈り機のメーカーを選択することは非常に重要です。

日本からのお客様が当社の工場を訪問されることを歓迎します。 私たちは日本の顧客を私たちの工房、ショールーム、オフィスビルに案内しました。 また、顧客を連れて遠隔操作の芝刈り機をテストさせました。 日本の顧客は当社の製品に非常に興味を持っています。

YouTube でテストビデオをご覧いただけます。https://youtu.be/uV26ucZdPI4

YouTube チャンネルからさらに多くのビデオもご覧いただけます。 これらのビデオを見れば、当社のリモコン芝刈り機が高品質であることがわかります。 信じてください、当社の品質は中国の同じタイプのリモコン芝刈り機の中で最高です。

Japan Remote Controlled Lawn Mower


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