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Remote Control Greenhouse Sprayer

Model :QK50

Water Tank :50L

Spraying Height :2-3m

Travel Speed :0-5 km/h

Working Time :3-4 hours

Remote Distance :2000m 

Voltage :48V

Travel Motor :2 x 800 watt

Generator :None

Water Pump :2 x 70 watt

Battery :4 x 52Ah 

Size :Length 950 mm, Width 670 mm, Height 680 mm

Weight :167 kg 

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Remote Control Greenhouse Sprayer For Sale

Remote control greenhouse sprayer is a electric RC robot mist spraying machine. It is only 67 cm wide. Because of the small body and no engine, it is especially suitable for working in vegetable greenhouses. Operator controls this greenhouse sprayer to move forward, backward, turn and pesticide spray by a radio remote control. In this way, the operator stays away from the machine and avoids pesticide damage.

We use a 50L water tank, 8 fan nozzles and 2 x 70 watt water pumps for this ground greenhouse robot sprayer. The highest nozzle height is 1.6 meters. Its spraying height can reach 2-3 meters. If you need a higher spraying height, we can customize it for you. To make the greenhouse RC sprayer more powerful, we install 2 x 800 watt electric brushless walking motors. its speed can reach 5 kilometers per hour. So it works efficiently. In order to get enough working time, we install 4 pieces of 52Ah batteries for this greenhouse sprayer robot. So that it can work for 3-4 hours.

Visual Remote Control For Agricultural Sprayer
Greenhouse Pesticide Sprayer with Camera and Visual Remote Control

We can configure a HD camera and HD visual remote control for this remote control greenhouse sprayer. So you can sit in an air-conditioned house or car to operate this pesticide sprayer. This radio remote control can take pictures and videos. You can even insert a calling card to make calls.

Reject Poor Quality

For any machine we make, we do a lot of testing before selling. Long time testing is the best way to verify a new product. Through a lot of testing, we can find defects and improve it. Therefore, the quality of our products is very go. Of course, our customer feedback is also very good. We must guarantee the durability of the machine. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more working and testing videos. https://www.youtube.com/@remotecontrolmachinery/videos

Other Types of Remote Controlled Sprayers

We can manufacture various remote controlled agricultural sprayers. If you need remote control weed sprayer, RC sprayer for agriculture or robot high clearance boom sprayer, please contact us. No matter big or small, no matter it is used in orchard, greenhouse or farmland, we can satisfy you.

Advantages of Remote Control Greenhouse Sprayer

1. Are you manufacturer?

We are the direct manufacturer and specialize in small remote control gardens, agriculture and forest machinery.

2. What are your advantages?

We have a team of experienced mechanical engineers and designers in the field of remote control machinery and automatic robot.

3. Can your products be exported to America, Europe, Australia and Japan?

Yes, We are familiar with the customs clearance process of each country and have corresponding certificates.

4. Can you accept OEM order?

 Yes, Not only OEM order but also any customize remote control machinery. We are good at designing and manufacturing small remote control machinery. Please tell me your requirements.

Packing: Plywood box 


Sample order within 10 days.

10-20 units around 20-30 days.

20-60 units around 30-60 days.

Custom order around 30-60 days.


You are very welcome to be our dealer.

As long as you have experience in machinery sales and maintenance in the field of garden and agricultural machinery, you can become our dealer.

Please send an email to export@remote-mowers.com. Let us know your region and country.


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