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Remote Control Vehicle/

Remote Control Crawler Wire Payoff Stand

Price :Negotiable

Uses :Take-up and pay-off wires/cable 

Control Method :Remote control

Power Type :Electric/battery

OEM/ODM :Available

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Remote Control Crawler Wire Payoff Stand For Sale.

Remote control crawler wire payoff stand is a portable steel rope/wire/cable rewinding/winding equipment. Operator use remote control to control the remote controlled crawler to move. And operator can also control the wire payoff stand to rewind and wind the wire by remote control.

This remote control take-up and pay-off crawler can move by itself on uneven terrain, small in size, easy to operate. So it is very suitable for working in narrow places. It is a electric equipment. Lead-acid battery provides power to this remote controlled crawler. We also install lights on the front and rear of the remote control crawler. So it is more suitable for use in mines.

Remote Control Crawler Wire Payoff Stand
Remote Control Crawler Wire Payoff Stand
Why Make Remote Control Take-up and Pay-off Crawler

We design and manufacture this crawler vehicle with wire payoff stand according to customer requirements. The customer is from a mining company. Before, taking up and paying out wires in mines is a time-consuming job. This remote control wire take-up crawler greatly reduces working time.

This customer saw our company information on Google. After we learned about his needs, our designer designed drawings for him. After reaching an agreement, we completed the remote control take-up and pay-off crawler vehicle for him within one month. He is very satisfied with this remote control track vehicle.

Advantages in Remote Controlled Crawler

We have a team of experienced engineers in the field of small remote control machinery. We have designed and manufactured various remote control crawler vehicles for many customers. These crawler vehicles include remote control lawn mowers, remote controlled agricultural sprayers, robot snow blowers, crawler transporter.

If you want a custom RC crawler vehicle, please email us to export@remote-mowers.com

In the mail, please tell me its function, size and other requirements.

1. Are you manufacturer?

We are the direct manufacturer and specialize in small remote control gardens, agriculture and forest machinery.

2. What are your advantages?

We have a team of experienced mechanical engineers and designers in the field of remote control machinery and automatic robot.

3. Can your products be exported to America, Europe, Australia and Japan?

Yes, We are familiar with the customs clearance process of each country and have corresponding certificates.

4. Can you accept OEM order?

 Yes, Not only OEM order but also any customize remote control machinery. We are good at designing and manufacturing small remote control machinery. Please tell me your requirements.

Packing: Plywood box 


Sample order within 10 days.

10-20 units around 20-30 days.

20-60 units around 30-60 days.

Custom order around 30-60 days.


You are very welcome to be our dealer.

As long as you have experience in machinery sales and maintenance in the field of garden and agricultural machinery, you can become our dealer.

Please send an email to export@remote-mowers.com. Let us know your region and country.

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